Get More Than Just Supply Storage Space

At Okpro Inc. in Laurel, Maryland USA, our state-of-the-art warehouses and services go beyond just storing goods and products. We work individually with each customer to come up with supply storage solutions that work.

With more than 3 million square feet of space located in 10 different areas, our clients can explore a wider range of options. Also, we focus keenly on every company’s specific needs. In the process, customers get cost-effective warehousing solutions.

We operate flexibly so that customers experience optimal convenience. Our methods apply to a variety of industries, including:

  • Alcohol Distribution
  • Food Distributions
  • Import and Export
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Retail Businesses
  • General Household Goods

Let Supplies Flow Seamlessly

Go for warehousing logistics services that follow a process allowing the seamless flow of products from delivery to transportation. In the industry for more than 30 years, we’ve made managing and operating warehousing and distribution our core business.

Explore Warehousing Options

Some of our clients lease public warehousing space and take charge of the distribution of goods. Many others use our warehousing logistics services. Working closely with each customer, we develop programs compatible with any of the above-said setups.

Operating this way, we receive products, inspect, inventory, palletize, store, and maintain inventory using our state-of-the-art system. Our warehouses offer clean and dry storage space.

You can also find more storage space for bulkier inventory. The floor of our warehouse has 30-foot-high ceilings.

Other Related Services

Companies and business owners may also explore various logistics solutions and other related services, such as:

  • Supply Handling
  • Pallet Services
  • Stretch-Wrap and Labeling
Warehouse 3

Monitored Warehouses

We conduct continuous safety and sanitation checks on our public warehousing spaces to meet the highest levels of safety and security. Okpro Inc warehouses are closely monitored to prevent fires and burglaries.

Our storage facilities are licensed by the state of Maryland to store alcohol products. We employ food storage techniques that adhere to the high standards of cleanliness and sanitation as required by the ASI/AIB for food-grade certified warehouses like ours.

Find the Services You Seek

Aligned with the goals of our public and contract warehousing clients, we also offer logistics, distribution, and fulfillment services. Let us know your supply chain management requirements.