Get Solid Supply Logistics Support

Timely delivery is the key to retail viability. Goods must always get to where they are needed, on schedule. This is the main idea behind the effective distribution service that Okpro Inc. in Laurel, Maryland USA, provides the supply chain.

The Baltimore Hub

We structured our warehousing logistics around the Baltimore hub. Our all-under-one-roof workflow equation incorporates trucking, rail, and container transportation with complete inventory tracking, control, order selection, and packing.

Third-Party Logistics

Through the years, we’ve mutually evolved with our various clients. Now, we make sure that companies never experience growing pains as market demands overtake the ability to make supply available.

While many of our customers start small, they quickly grow in size with adequate support via third-party logistics services. We draw from years of industry experience when helping fledgling businesses face such challenges.

Inventory Control and Monitoring

Receive logistics services with a host of value-added services and systems. Our computerized inventory control and monitoring systems track products coming in and out of the warehouse for each customer in detail.

White Trucks

Fully Equipped and Highly Experienced

Professional expertise, experience, and high-tech systems make the logistics management experience exceptional for our customers. We carry out all cargo-related tasks using all-important equipment.

Our warehouse crews operate heavy-duty cranes, 20 rail doors, and 100-truck doors. Along the way, we’ve packaged and crated thousands of orders and shipments. Today, we pick, pack, label, and handle multipacks with ease.

Channel Superior Logistics Management

Allow us to design and manage the flow of transportation and order fulfillment. This way, your products move seamlessly from receiving locations to endpoints quickly and intact.